OP-COM DPF Regeneration

OP-COM DPF Regeneration

You can start the forced regeneration on the following models:
Astra-H: Z19DT, Z19DTH, Z19DTL, Z17DTR, Z17DTJ
Zafira-B:  Z19DT, Z19DTH, Z19DTL, Z17DTR, Z17DTJ
Vectra-C / Signum:  Z19DT, Z19DTH, Z19DTL
Corsa-D:  Z13DTH, Z17DTR
Antara:  2.0L Diesel engine


The exhaust gas temperature will increase to over 600 °C, so you must perform this outside,
on a non-flammable ground.

The regeneration procedure is completely controlled by the engine control unit.

 Engine is running at idle
 Engine is fully warmed up
 To avoid consequential damages, the DPF regeneration must be executed only once!

EDC16 System

Note, after "DPF Regeneration" is finished live data "Diesel Particulate Filter
Saturation" will show 70%. When engine controller has performed a dynamic
regeneration value will be changed.

DECE01 System

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