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         Your window's half open. Passenger fully open. Moonroof (on tilt), rear passengers open just a bit. Hold down the "Recirculate (Car with circle button on Climate control)" button for a couple of seconds and all windows and roof closes. Wait for it. Hold down the same "Recirculate" button again and all windows and roof return to their original positions prior to closing it.

Touch the turn signal and it will flash three times - handy for lane changes.

If you hold the key next to the drivers door (within 1 meter) and keep the open button depressed, all the windows and sunroof will open. WOW

If you press both the lock and unlock buttons on the remote for like five seconds until you see the led flash on it, you set the remote to either unlock all the doors with one click or just unlocking the drivers door with one click and then the rest of the doors with another click. 

Parking aide- On driver's door push button 2, the most forward one, for mirror adjust selection. Move gear selector into reverse (R). With mirror button turn rear view mirror all the way to down inward position so you can see rear wheel from driver's position. Press button M on door. You should hear a beep. Take gear selector out of reverse (R) and place into drive (D). Mirror should go back to the "regular" position

Dyno Mode: With key in the ignition turn it to the first position which is 1 click to the right. Then press the trip reset button 3 times. Using the "+" "-" controls on the steering wheel scroll down to "ESP Dynamometer Test" then make sure it is "on". Now start your car. I only tested this but from I saw it turns off the ABS and turn the ESP COMPLETELY off. So Careful with this.

Throttle Reset: First step on the gas pedal fully down to where you feel a bump. Then turn your key all the way without it starting the car on. Make sure your foot is still on the pedal. Now you wait for about 60 secs or so. After that, turn the key to the off position and take key out. Now you can release the gas pedal. Your car will now be more responsive to the throttle!

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Climate: Hidden Options
Push EC and Rest together, then press AUTO

This list shows hidden options of KA, the C-Class (W202) / E-Class (W210) VorMoPf.
The most interesting would probably be before the option of displaying the digitally driven speed while driving. 

Menu Options
01 Innerraumtemperatursensor in C ° (KA)
02 Outside temperature sensor (S)
03 Heat left in C ° (KA)
04 Heat right into C ° (KA)
05 Evaporator in cash (KA)
06 Engine cooling water in ° in C (Z)
07 Refrigerant pressure of the cooling system in cash (KA)
08 Refrigerant temperature of the cooling system in C ° (Z)
09 ? WOW
10 Radiator, or fan / power consumption in volts (KA)
11 Emission sensor / power consumption in volts (KA)
12 Sun sensor / power consumption in volts (KA)
20 Zusatzkühlventilators the current in amperes (KA)
21 Rpm - Display * 1000 (Z)
22 Speed without speedometer error (!) (Z)
23 Battery power consumption in% (KA)
24 Battery voltage in volts (KA)
40 Version control module software version
41 Version control module menu hardware version
42 Control Module VarantenCode 1st Number
43 Control Module VarantenCode 2nd Number
52 Temperature setpoint
54 Refrigerant compressors EMERGENCY STOP
60 ) Roof open (or closed OPE = (= CL0), only R129!
61 Seitendüse left Rändelpotispannung,
Reference values: 0.6-0.9 V, 4.0-4.5 V on
62 Vacuum element 46, Rückführpotenziometer,
Reference values: 0.7-1.1 V, 3,5-4,8 V on
63 Mitteldüse, Rändelpoti voltage,
Reference values: 0.6-0.9 V, 4.0-4.5 V on
64 Vacuum element 47, Rückführpotenziometer,
Reference values: 0.8-1.2 V, 3.5-4.5 V on
65 Seitendüse right Rändelpoti voltage,
Reference values: 0.6-0.9 V, 4.0-4.5 V on
66 Vacuum element 48, Rückführpotenziometer,
Reference values: 0.8-1.2 V, 3.5-4.5 V on 

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