Renault auto Door Locking 

Press and hold the centre console door lock button (near hand brake) - Press and hold "lock" to activate the Renault Anti-Intruder system (doors lock at 5mph or so)

To disable - press and hold the unlock...

Disable internal motion sensors on the alarm
Jump in the drivers seat - leave the drivers door open.
Insert keycard (wait a second or so) then remove keycard
Repeat the process.

Leave the vehicle and double lock the doors.
The internal motion sensor system should be temporarily disabled. 

Auto lights disable/enable
To activate: with ignition on and engine stopped or running, turn the light switch on to side lights, off again and then back on to sidelights. You will then hear an audible beep and a message will appear on the display - "auto headlights active" (or something similar - can't remember).

To deactivate: with ignition on and engine stopped, switch the lights from off to side lights twice again, you then get an audible confirmation beep.
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