Enabling static cornering lights in the Volkswagen Golf V only requires a few changes via Vagcom/VCDS.
The cornering function works when your headlights are activated (either manually or via the RLS) under the following conditions
  • The indicator is activated either by holding it down or clicking it into position (not when comfort indicating)
  • The car is in P, N, D, S or Manual (not when in reverse)
  • The steering wheel is turned 85° from the straight ahead position.
  • The speed is under 50kph (once the car drops below this speed the light will activate and once it goes above this speed the light will fade off)
The fog light on the side of the car that the wheel is turned towards will light up, depending on the speed of the steering wheel the light will either fade in slowly or turn on instantly but the light will always fade out slowly.
You will need a 30 Byte Central Electronics Convenience Module (CECM) which are fitted to MY08′s models onwards.
Open Controller 9 and select Coding – 07

Click the Long Coding Helper, do not copy down the coding seen as these are specific to each car and it’s options/setup.

Select Byte 23 and bit 2, 3 and 4 need to be selected and the type of light chosen (Turn Lights via Fog Lights).

Once it looks like this select “exit”

Select “Do It!” to save the coding.

If the code is accepted select “OK”

Close the controller to finish.

To test the cornering light function turn the headlights on and turn the wheel left or right, the engine doesn’t have to be turned on. My boys were less excited about the cornering lights then I was.

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